Talent Nation’s Top Interview Tips 

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So, you’ve landed an interview for your dream job… now you just need to know how to secure it. Skillset and experience are one thing, but organisations are equally as interested in finding a candidate who will mesh well with their team and culture.

Here are some ‘top tips’ to consider in order to put your best foot forward, allowing you to have a positive interview experience.

Be prepared and do your research

You’ve probably heard this one over and over again, but it is a crucial element of any successful interview. Information is power! Preparation and research are key to presenting yourself as an informed candidate who has already invested time into the organisation. Preparing yourself also helps to minimise the stress that comes from being put on the spot. A large majority of hiring managers will value someone who has taken the time to understand the background of their organisation.

Be confident

Don’t be shy to discuss significant career achievements, ideally picking examples that demonstrate your ability to problem solve and come up with creative solutions. Practical examples of how you overcome adversity in the workplace give validity to what you’re saying and showcase your ability to work alongside others.

Be honest

Know your strengths and weaknesses and be ready to discuss how they relate back to the position you’re going for. No one is perfect, so admitting a personal or professional skill you want to work on shows you are human and not just talking yourself up for the job.

Have a conversation

Remember, a job interview shouldn’t just be one-sided. Take the opportunity to further understand the scope of the role by asking lots of open, valuable questions and also discuss the vision the business has for the future.

Follow up

If you have not heard about your progress from your recruiter within the specified timeframe (Note: it’s always a great idea to ask about this at the interview) then it would be wrong not to follow up! Quite often the recruitment process is a lengthy one, particularly if the role is one that requires a complex skill set and some of the decisions sit with a board of executives. Knowing where you stand (even if it is still undecided) may relieve some anxiety experienced during the recruitment process. In saying this, there are both appropriate and inappropriate ways to navigate this. A polite phone call and/or email should be fine, so make sure you’re not harassing anyone – that most definitely won’t get you the job!

At Talent Nation we make it our business to ensure that every candidate we put forward is prepared, informed and enthused about the role they are applying for. While interviews can be daunting, they are a necessary process to establish your career potential, showing what you can bring to the table beyond your ‘on paper’ experience.

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