What We Do

Delivering Impact-driven Recruitment: Our Expertise

Tackling the challenges in regard to environmental, social and climate change issues is a daunting task. As recruitment agency leaders in ESG, environment, sustainability, climate, energy, and sustainable finance sectors, we enable opportunities that result in positive outcomes.

Our targeted search strategy is informed by our extensive experience and knowledge in the sustainability, environment and ESG space, where we leverage existing relationships with clients, candidates and industry leaders, who have been engaged with the Talent Nation brand for over a decade.

Recruitment Methodology

Talent Nation’s consultants have decades of combined sustainability, environment, ESG, climate & energy, and sustainable finance recruitment experience, which allows our team to target and engage, and challenge, technically skilled professionals to understand their capability and motivational drivers. Our recruitment consultants are adept at matching the level of the opportunity with the candidate’s career experience. Our Principal and Senior Consultants leverage their industry-leading knowledge with state-of-the-art screening tools, technologies, and proven sourcing strategies to support all search and recruitment needs.

Talent Nation consultants will ask the hard questions to gain the best outcomes for our clients, which is also the best outcome for candidates to ensure they are in a role, and organisation, where they can thrive.
Implementation of screening tools to eliminate unconscious bias during the recruitment process
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Utilisation of best-in-class AI technology to streamline the recruitment process
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Comprehensive two-stage interview process conducted by our consultants for all shortlisted candidates
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Provision of comprehensive reports on all shortlisted candidates
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Access to psychometric competency and personality assessments
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In-depth verbal reference checks
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Transparency and management of qualified candidates’ remuneration expectations
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Expert management of the offer, counteroffer and resignation process
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An outstanding 96% acceptance rate at the client offer stage

What Sets Us Apart

There continues to be a surge in demand for talent in ESG, environment and sustainability roles, so keeping up with current remuneration trends is critical. Talent Nation is the only provider of the annual ESG Remuneration Report in these specialist sectors.
With over a decade of experience, Talent Nation has built the largest, engaged, database of sustainability, environment, ESG, climate & energy, and sustainable finance professionals seeking careers in Australia and New Zealand. Contact our team today if you would like more information about how we can support you or your organisation.