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Talent Nation is a boutique recruitment agency operating in the ESG, Environment, Sustainability, Climate & Energy and Sustainable Investment sectors. We offer services in Executive Recruitment, Contracting and Consulting to customers involved in these industries.This document sets out how Talent Nation may collect, hold and use personal information. By providing information to Talent Nation, you consent to its use, storage and disclosure in accordance with this Privacy Policy.The intention of this privacy policy is to describe how Talent Nation will comply with the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

1. What this Policy is about

Our candidates’ and clients’ commercial confidentiality and the privacy of the individuals in those businesses are important principles for Talent Nation, and all our dealings with third parties are carefully reviewed with regard to safeguarding those interests.

Talent Nation must comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (the Act) and implement policies and procedures that expressly address the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).

This Policy sets out how Talent Nation manages the collection disclosure storage and use of personal information (PI) of candidates, clients and other individuals (including visitors to our websites, subscribers to our blog and respondents of our Remuneration Survey) having regard to the Act, the APPs and other relevant statutory requirements. References in this policy to “you ” mean the individual concerned who ‘owns’ the PI. When working with information pertaining to a company provided by employees within an organization, the individual refers to the representative of that organization providing the information.

‘Personal Information’ is information or an opinion (including information forming part of a database), whether true or not, and whether recorded in material form or not, about an individual or company

2. When does Talent Nation Group use PI?

Talent Nation is a recruitment agency. We provide recruitment services (including executive search and contracting) to our clients and potential candidates within Australia. We also conduct Remuneration Surveys annually where we collect salary information from clients as well as qualitative/long form information about industries, companies, departments and roles. 

The primary function of our business is to assist candidates in applying for roles of interest and assist clients (company’s) to source candidates that fit the role and company requirements. This is done by sharing candidate information (resumes) with employees at the company where the role they wish to apply for sits.  We also collect information from individuals who subscribe to our communications (newsletters, blogs) on our website. 

In every mode of collection or use, we follow the guidelines and rules laid down by the Australian Privacy Principles, and this Policy outlines how we comply. Obviously, our compliance procedures can be overridden by legal process – law enforcement, regulatory intervention, and emergency health or safety issues all take priority to our protocols and procedures.

3. Talent Nation’s Approach to the APPs

APP 1 – Open and transparent management of PI

This is the comprehensive Talent Nation Privacy Policy, available on our public website – You may also obtain a copy by emailing or writing to our Chief Privacy Officer, details of which are at the end of this Policy.

Talent Nation’s primary purpose in collecting personal information is to focus our communications in an orderly and efficient manner so as to deliver our services and respond to our clients’ and candidates’ expectations and needs promptly and efficiently. Our services are based around the exchange of candidate and company information in order to facilitate a placement in a specific role. Most of the personal information about individuals that we collect in whatever form and from whatever source, is used only so that we can communicate more effectively and efficiently with them.

APP 2 – Anonymity and pseudonymity

The scope of personal information that maybe collected from you includes: Names, employment addresses and sometimes home addresses, title or positions and qualifications you hold or have held, previous jobs held and responsibilities within these roles, terms of service with employers or others, telephone and mobile numbers. For our Remuneration Survey, we collect information on salary packages of specific roles, including the breakdown of packages (base salary + superannuation, bonus information), role descriptions, and qualitative information based on questions asked about industries, organizations, departments and roles.

We only collect the information we need to provide you with the services you seek or are likely to be interested in due to the nature of our relationship. Generally, it’s to administer that relationship to deliver of recruitment services or provide salary information in the form of a Remuneration Survey.

APP 3 – Collecting Solicited PI

PI we solicit and collect directly from you can only be the PI that is reasonably necessary for us to do our job for you for our functions and our activities and not for someone’ else’s.

The APP also distinguishes between collection (which is the gathering acquiring or obtaining of PI for inclusion in a record or a generally available publication) and solicitation (which involves an entity (us) requesting another entity to provide PI about an individual or to supply information which might ordinarily include PI). A ‘request’ in this context means any active step to acquire the PI.

Examples of solicited PI collected by us could include:

  • personal information provided by an individual in response to a request, direction or order
  • personal information about an individual provided by another entity in response to a request, direction, order or arrangement for sharing or transferring information between both entities
  • a completed form or application submitted by an individual
  • an employment application sent in response to either a job advertisement published by an entity or an expression of interest register maintained by the entity.
  • Role and salary information as included in our Remuneration Survey.
  • Information on the industry, a specific organisation, department or role as requested for inclusion in our Remuneration Survey.

How, when and from where is your PI collected?
Your PI is likely to be collected by us because you are a candidate or potential candidate, an employee or a representative of a business or employer with whom we are dealing or expecting to deal. Your PI may in those cases have been provided to us by your current or previous employers as part of a reference check, yourself when you apply for a position through our website (directly or via LinkedIn), or information as provided in response to a request to be included in our Remuneration Survey. In the case of employees of companies with whom we deal or will potentially deal, you may provide details of salary packages of specific roles within your organisation and qualitative information on company, market, and role trends, both of which will form part of our annual remuneration survey. All information provided is stored on a secure server.

How and in what circumstances would your PI be disclosed?
Transfer of your PI in the form of a Resume to companies will occur after this is discussed with a representative of Talent Nation and permission obtained from you, if you’re deemed suitable to be put forward for the role for which you have applied. In regard to information provided by employees for the Remuneration Survey, this will be reported as part of a group of survey respondents, i.e. with no identifiable individual or company information released.

Regarding the market/industry/company/department/role qualitative/long form information, this will be used to guide Talent Nation’s commentary in the finished survey, with only identifying information included where express permission has been given. The survey will be sent via email to those who purchase it with an Executive Summary available for download on our website.

How you can access the PI we hold and to whom you and complain.
All you need to do to access or correct any of your PI we hold is to contact Talent Nation and ask to be put through to our central database manager. All contact details are available on our website. If you are in email contact with Talent Nation already, then submit your request to your usual contact. If you have a concern or complaint about how your PI is being handled by Talent Nation, then you must ask to speak to the Chief Privacy Officer (again, details are available on our website or at the end of this policy).

Note that this APP 5 cannot apply where the collection itself arises in the course of possible litigation or other legal process and the disclosure of our collection may jeopardise professional standards, confidentiality, privilege or put the legal process or any person’s health or safety at risk.

AAPP 7 – Direct Marketing

It is important that you be aware that the Act and particularly the APPs prohibit the use or disclosure of personal information for the purpose of direct marketing unless:

  1. We have collected the data directly from you and you would reasonably expect us to use or disclose it for that purpose. In that case, we will always provide you with an easy way of requesting us not to bother you again with any marketing material. This is in the form of a telephone call, an email, or sometimes an electronic opt out/unsubscribe facility, provided we can verify the caller. We will immediately take steps to remove you from our marketing communications.


  1. We collected it – from you (but you would never reasonably expect to receive marketing material from us or for your data to be disclosed for that purpose).(In either of these instances we will offer you the same easy means of removing yourself from that marketing list and we will include a prominent statement in every such communication that you can request to be so removed.)

5. Contacts

Finally, if you have a complaint or a concern or an enquiry, please contact us first.


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All enquiries relating to the commercial aspects of the privacy legislation is so far as they impact on Talent Nation’s own business activities should be referred to the Chief Executive Officer of Talent Nation.