Sustainable Finance Recruitment

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In an era marked by pressing societal concerns such as climate change, pollution, working conditions, diversity, and corruption, alongside shifting priorities in the Gen Z and Millennial workforce, global momentum is propelling us towards responsible investment. ESG factors now play a pivotal role in risk management and delivering sustainable returns for investors.

At Talent Nation, we believe in using business as a force for good to create positive change and are invested in promoting the flow of capital into this space. We have worked closely with investor relations recruitment teams to enable them to upskill their ESG and sustainable finance teams so that they can access funding, de-risk their investments and communicate their progress to boards and investors.

As leaders in sustainable finance recruitment, we collaborate with banks, insurers, superannuation funds, investment firms, venture capital and private equity firms, industry associations and impact investment funds to source candidates who impact the flow of capital into sustainable organisations and investments.
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Responsible and ethical investment strategies
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ESG integration across asset classes
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Sustainable investment products
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Reporting and disclosures – ISSB, UNPRI and SASB
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Sustainable and green bonds
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Climate finance initiatives
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Development funding and project finance
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Portfolio management
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Sustainable finance taxonomy
We collaborate with banks, insurance houses, superannuation funds, investment firms, venture capital and private equity firms, industry associations, impact investment funds, and in-house organisations, offering our expertise in a wide range of sustainable finance roles, including:

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