Australia Post Installs Record-Breaking Solar Panel Power System 

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Australia Post has installed the nation’s largest single-roof  solar panel system  at its Chullora sorting centre in Sydney.

The $3 million project will subsequently power Australia’s busiest parcel sorting facility. This will save more than $800,000 in annual energy costs.

The record-breaking project also spans more than 11,000 square metres, the same area as nine Olympic swimming pools.

The 2.1 MW installation will save 2,200 tonnes of carbon emissions each year. This is like taking 468 cars off the road.

Solar panel system: the jewel in Australia Post’s crown

The solar-powered facility is the 49 th  solar-powered site in the Australia Post network.

Taken together, the commercial solar systems will generate 5,000 MWh of renewable energy each year. This is enough to power more than 820,000 homes.

According to Australia Post Group Chief Financial Officer Janelle Hopkins, the Chullora project will also reduce operational costs.

This will subsequently mean more investment in “the products and services our customers want from Australia Post”, Ms Hopkins adds.

Australia Post is committed to energy efficiency with “environmentally sustainable business outcomes”. Previous energy-saving investments have saved the company $40 million.

The Chullora installation reached completion in November 2017. The full solar system is due to go live by the end of the year.

Energy Matters helps drive Australia Post solar innovation

In 2010, Energy Matters designed and installed a solar power system for Australia Post’s new headquarters in Bourke Street, Melbourne. Energy Matters Project Manager Hugh Murtagh designed the system.

The rooftop system was designed to power the building’s signage. The goal was obtaining maximum output for minimum available roof space.

The sign used around 24 kW hours of energy and the new system offset 12 tonnes of CO2 annually. This is the amount produced by 12 postie bikes over the same time frame.

Mr Murtagh selected 30 Sanyo 210 Watt solar panels for high efficiency, as well as a Sunny Mini Central 6000TL inverter.

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