The “Career Myth”: Is it holding us back? 

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Many people believe that their careers will follow a linear path, that they will advance up the career ladder incrementally. They may even think that they’ll stay in the same company for the duration of their careers, slowly moving their way up in line with pay raises and title changes. This concept is known as the “ career myth ” and is now seen by some to be an outdated way to career advancement. According to Fortune Magazine, it is now common for careers to instead develop in a “zig zag” formation, meaning you may find yourself moving in a different career direction, rather than just climbing upwards. Psychology researcher Tania Luna and Weight Watchers International executive Jordan Cohen also believe that in today’s job market the “career myth” is unrealistic and is in fact penalising career progression. They believe that “being overly attached to a specific path can turn into a  career trap  — blinding us to nonlinear opportunities for growth.” Instead, they recommend embracing uncertainty by considering changing roles or moving industries, without a final destination in mind.

Mitch Joel , founder of Six Pixels Group, inspirational speaker, and a marketing and communications visionary, sees career change as a great opportunity. With flexibility now seen to be a central feature to professional development, Mitch encourages people to take on a challenge within their organisation, to work with a new department, or to change something within their business that is outdated.

Making a career change can be daunting and risky for some, as it can come with uncertainty, however it can also be really rewarding.

Are you looking for that next move?

If so, here are some tips to help you take the leap of faith:

  • Ask yourself, “what do I want from my career?”. It’s important you’ve sat with this idea before you even begin the search process.
  • Research the industry you are interested in. Make sure you know the ins and outs and areas within the industry you could target.
  • Talk to insiders and network. Get advice from people in the industry, get the inside scoop into how the industry operates.
  • Keen for a change but are still interested in your industry – consider a safer sideways step, but one that is still in the right direction.

If you’re considering a change and would like more information about potential opportunities, check out the jobs section of our website for some fresh ideas in environment and sustainability careers, or contact us to discuss your future prospects. Also, if you aren’t already, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with all the latest roles and industry discussions.

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