People Accelerating Impact: A Conversation with Co-Directors, Climate Change and City Resilience at City of Melbourne, Tiffany Crawford and Krista Milne 

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The thought of jobsharing a leadership role might be daunting to some, but through a shared sense of purpose, a commitment to communication and support from line managers, organisations can reap the rewards of getting two for the price of one.

In the second edition of our Conversations with People Accelerating Impact podcast series, we spoke to Tiffany Crawford and Krista Milne about how they made the transition from colleagues to jobshare partners at the City of Melbourne.

The conversation with Talent Nation’s Claire Black, goes behind the scenes of their unique but thriving work arrangement that has inspired additional jobshare arrangements within their team.

The key topics for discussion include:

  • What made them decide to join forces and apply for the job
  • The most important factor when considering a jobshare arrangement
  • How to cement a joint approach to leadership
  • Key processes that ensure strong communication and a smooth handover
  • Advice they would offer to someone considering a new jobshare arrangement
  • The practicalities of consistent communication
  • Unexpected benefits for both jobsharers and employers
  • How candidates can discuss a potential job share arrange with their employers

Conversations with People Accelerating Impact is our podcast series featuring changemakers from across the Environment and Sustainability space. In each episode, we speak to an inspiring individual or leader to learn more about what they are doing to drive impact in their sphere and create a better future for us all.

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