B Corp of the Week: BRM Projects 

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We love being a B Corporation for a number of reasons, but the incredible sense of community among like-minded, purpose-driven businesses definitely has to top our list. For this reason, we want to contribute to the support of the organisations that are striving to make a difference by sharing with you some of our favourites B’s!

To kick off this series we interviewed Steve Schmidt, CEO at BRM Projects ; a business operating in the architectural and planning space who provide search, fitout and relocation guidance. With a large focus on supporting Not for Profit and small to medium businesses, BRM are a perfect example of tailoring industry expertise to create positive impact across the sectors in which they operate.

BRM Projects offer a unique mix of expertise. What were you doing before this? What pushed you to make the change?

“BRM Projects was established to provide quality property solutions to SME and Not for Profits. Over the years, our team has grown allowing us to offer a diverse array of core and supplementary services that enable a business to create a workplace that works well.”

What notable positive outcomes have arisen from past projects?

“BRM Projects works with a wide cross-section of commercial businesses and Not for Profits and

…we rate the success of a project based on the improvement to a business’ culture, efficiency and productivity.

This is different for every client – it could mean renegotiating a lease so a client has more money to invest into their cause, or it could be redesigning an outdated layout that enables greater collaboration and staff retention.”

What is your vision for the future of the architecture and planning industry? What do you want to see happen?

“As technology continues to infuse further into our daily lives, workplaces that champion creativity and strategic thinking understand the importance of a designing considered and social-led spaces.

Already we have seen a shift in the design approach, including:

Bright, colourful and playful spaces that take their cues from kindergartens – to embrace and nourish creativity;

Soft, subtle and luxurious finishes that allow you to relax and enjoy the space as is you were at home, and;

Amenities galore, making you feel you have a personal concierge at the fanciest hotel – thereby allowing you to focus on work, rather than life-admin.

The modern office will focus more on community, connections and spaces for idea sharing – something that difficult to replicate over email or video, and definitely cannot be achieved when working alone from home.

Based off this principle, the humble office desk will no longer be the primary fixture. In its place, there will be alternate zones to compensate – a variety of meeting rooms, phone booths, breakout lounges, and of course the clichéd ping pong table is here to stay.

These spaces, combined with the ideas of wellness and mindfulness will become necessary platforms we will need to embrace enabling us to live a faster-paced, more creative and purpose driven existence.”

Currently undergoing an office fitout of our own here at Talent Nation, we understand the importance of industry expertise when it comes optimising a space in terms of comfortability and that “wellness” factor. BRM share our core value of sustainability, and as a certified B Corp also share our commitment of using the power of business to create positive environmental and social impact.

Got questions about any of the above? We’re keen to chat to more B Corps about what their certification means to them, and how their organisation is living out these values. Connect with us here.

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