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WWF Develops Blockchain Solution to Improve Transparency in Tuna Industry

The World Wildlife Fund in Australia, Fiji and New Zealand have joined forces to stamp out illegal fishing and slave labour in the tuna fishing industry using blockchain technology. In partnership with US-based software company ConsenSys and information and communications technology implementer TraSeable, WWF has been able to help tuna fishing and processing company Sea […]

Australia Post Installs Record-Breaking Solar Panel Power System

Australia Post has installed the nation’s largest single-roof solar panel system at its Chullora sorting centre in Sydney. The $3 million project will subsequently power Australia’s busiest parcel sorting facility. This will save more than $800,000 in annual energy costs. The record-breaking project also spans more than 11,000 square metres, the same area as nine Olympic swimming pools. The […]

Yes SA’s Battery is Massive, But It Can Do Much More Than Store Energy

The “world’s largest” lithium-ion battery has been officially opened in South Australia. Tesla’s much-anticipated “mega battery” made the “100 days or it’s free” deadline, after a week of testing and commissioning. Unsurprisingly, the project has attracted a lot of attention, both in Australia and abroad. This is largely courtesy of high-profile Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk, not […]

The War on Waste: A Big Win

Peppermint Magazine released an exclusive interview with ABC’s War on Waste following the shows widespread success, and their achievement of winning a prestigious Banksia Award. The ABC’s War on Waste hit a resounding high note with the Australian population – reigniting the waste debate and getting people well and truly fired up about the issues it covered. As […]

Future Office Trends: Wellness, Urban Farms and No Cars

Only 16 per cent of workers expect they’ll be driving themselves to work in 2030, according to new research by real estate services firm JLL, opening the door to widespread adaptive reuse of basement car parking, which could see urban farms sprout up all over cities. Based on 260 survey respondents collected at TEDxSydney, the […]

Blog Series: The Most Popular ‘Green’ Jobs: Head of Environmental Sustainability

Change is sweeping the mainstream global economy. There is a noticeable increase in social interest regarding environmental and sustainability issues, resulting in a positive shift within business practices. Companies are now making corporate social responsibility (CSR) charters part of their framework, as people demonstrate their desire to work for, or purchase from, businesses who offer […]

Healthier Diet Leads To a Healthier Environment, Study Shows

So, you want to reduce your carbon footprint? You might consider improving your diet. It turns out that healthy eating isn’t just good for your body, it can also lessen your impact on the environment. Scientists say that food production including growing crops, raising livestock, fishing and transporting all that food to our plates is […]

Five Steps To Turn Back The Tide of Plastic

The ABC’s War on Waste is looking at ways of combatting the huge and growing problem of plastic pollution in our oceans. Ocean plastic is a huge problem for several reasons. Fish, marine mammals, and birds are  often injured or trapped by stray plastic. They also consume waste plastic, causing toxins from plastics to make […]

Jobs Growth in Supply Chain, Perth Picking Up and Others Rushing To Hire

Talent Nation’s own Richard Evans chats to The Fifth Estate about the surge in demand for expertise in safeguarding human rights in the supply chain, as well as the roles we’re currently recruiting for in the environmental and sustainability space. Article by Sandra Edmunds MARKET PULSE: Expertise in safeguarding human rights in the supply chain is […]