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The Search for Purpose- the Recruiting Challenge

Matching people to roles in the recruitment industry is not too much of a challenge. Finding people driven by purpose with the right skills and motivation to stay a while, however, is where those tasked with recruiting require a whole other level of connection, expertise and experience.  Especially challenging is when people are looking to transition from mainstream to a more purpose-oriented career. They could have the right […]

The “Career Myth”: Is it holding us back?

Many people believe that their careers will follow a linear path, that they will advance up the career ladder incrementally. They may even think that they’ll stay in the same company for the duration of their careers, slowly moving their way up in line with pay raises and title changes. This concept is known as […]

The Modern Slavery Bill: What are the implications for businesses?

The introduction of the NSW Modern Slavery Bill is a major stepping stone for Australia in terms of stamping out human exploitation that, too often, is hidden in plain sight. The Bill seeks to cover the activities of both private and public-sector organisations with annual consolidated revenue of more than $100 million; requiring that they publish a report every financial year in conjunction with modern slavery regulations. It is still yet to be determined […]

Building Resilience: Remaining Positive in the Face of Adversity

Considering the messages we are faced with on a daily basis from the media about the shape of the world, it’s not surprising that many people are finding it hard to maintain a positive attitude looking forward. Every day new issues are emerging on the horizon of our social, economic, environmental and political landscapes, which […]

Personal Sustainability: The importance of a healthy work/life balance

Sustainability from a business perspective is focused on making decisions that provide long-term benefit and minimise negative impact. Along a similar vein, our own personal sustainability is also reliant on these choices; making sure that we’re acting with our long-term wellbeing in mind and avoiding settling for short-term ‘trade-offs.’ So, where do we start when […]

Landing your first role in Australia

At Talent Nation, we regularly receive enquiries from candidates looking to land their first role in Australia. These may be from individuals looking to transition back into the Australian market after time spent away, or someone who may have already made the move but is finding the employment market hard to break into. Here are […]

Talent Nation’s Top Interview Tips

So, you’ve landed an interview for your dream job… now you just need to know how to secure it. Skillset and experience are one thing, but organisations are equally as interested in finding a candidate who will mesh well with their team and culture. Here are some ‘top tips’ to consider in order to put […]

Attention: The New Currency

Many would agree that Western societies are immersed in cycles of production and consumption. There is no end to what can be marketed and sold; products, food or even intangible items such as information or ideas – contemporary society demands that everything is a commodity and as such must have a certain value assigned to […]

Collaborative Consumption: Are we living in a Shareconomy?

Have you ever used a car-sharing service like Uber or Car Next Door? What about an experience with house swapping by staying in a stranger’s home through sites like Airbnb? Perhaps you have rented a bike to explore a new city, or hired a surfboard to test out your skills on the waves? These are […]

How to Make Difficult Decisions with Empathy

Life is full of difficult decisions and a career in recruitment certainly provides no exception. As an organisation that maintains focus on specialist areas where we can maximise our positive impact, Talent Nation is often dealing with decisions that are particularly hard to make. Defining who we are and who we want to be has […]