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Great Barrier Reef Foundation

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation’s (GBRF) Traditional Owner Working Group hosted a three-day workshop at Cape Cleveland, Townsville to seek Traditional Owner input on activities to be delivered under the Reef Trust Partnership. The GBRF engaged us to complete three assignments in their Traditional Owners Team.

The value of ESG credentials

There is a hiring run in Australia. Earlier this month, jobs board SEEK reported a record-high number of jobs posted to the platform, eclipsing the previous benchmark which was set just one month before. Job postings are up more than 30% compared to two years ago…

Sustainability workers in demand but will our skills support the need?

Richard Evans, Managing Director at Talent Nation, has been in recruitment for 23 years. He turned his focus to environment and sustainability in 2008 when discussions around the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme gave him an insight into to the sector, its people and their pioneering projects, and today he’s seeing a gear change in the demand for jobs and skills…

The Modern Slavery Bill: What is the latest?

On 1 January 2019, the Modern Slavery Act commenced, an Act that requires a new statutory modern slavery reporting requirement for larger companies operating in Australia. Now is the time to start preparing the information required for the first report, which is due either later this year or mid next year, depending on your financial […]

How much you can earn in sustainability and environmental roles

Exclusive: If women are still being underpaid in sectors of the economy it’s not showing up in sustainability and environmental roles.

According to the inaugural Environment and Sustainability Remuneration Report by Talent Nation, which claims it’s the first specialist report of its kind in Australia and was based on a survey of around 200 companies, women are not only on a par with men in salary terms but generally outperform them…

The Search for Purpose- the Recruiting Challenge

Matching people to roles in the recruitment industry is not too much of a challenge. Finding people driven by purpose with the right skills and motivation to stay a while, however, is where those tasked with recruiting require a whole other level of connection, expertise and experience.  Especially challenging is when people are looking to transition from mainstream to a more purpose-oriented career. They could have the right […]

The “Career Myth”: Is it holding us back?

Many people believe that their careers will follow a linear path, that they will advance up the career ladder incrementally. They may even think that they’ll stay in the same company for the duration of their careers, slowly moving their way up in line with pay raises and title changes. This concept is known as […]