What We Do

Talent Nation was founded as an environmental recruitment agency based in Melbourne, which quickly grew to encompass broader sustainability recruitment with a national reach. Our focus on purpose driven roles extended our services into social enterprise and not for profit jobs, energy jobs and roles covering health, safety and the environment; as well as corporate security jobs.

The ethos behind Talent Nation is to build strong communities of talent within our core areas of focus; enabling our clients to access an engaged candidate pool when they are looking to fill a role, and our candidates to make informed and educated decisions about the organisations that they wish to join.

As recruitment specialists, we are engaged by our clients for the simple reason that we understand the market, and know the individuals that have demonstrated success in their roles. We devote a great deal of our time to establishing long-term relationships with our stakeholders so that when an opportunity arises we know where to go to get the right result for our clients, reaching further than candidates that are actively looking for work.

Our extensive networks, which are supported by robust research, ensure that we are able to engage with a larger pool of talent than our competitors. The larger candidate pool allows us to assess the individuals on their cultural fit for the organisation once the technical capability is covered off, which reduces the risk of turnover. We don’t market individuals into companies and, although we provide extensive career advice to our networks, we never lose track of who we are working for.

A list of the executive search and recruitment services we provide can be found here.