About Us

Talent Nation is a full service, purpose driven executive search and recruitment company providing corporate and technical staff in our core areas of expertise.

We are specialists in environmental recruitment, sustainability recruitment, energy recruitment, HSSEQ recruitment, not for profit and social enterprise recruitment.


Our vision is to operate as the leader in our areas of specialisation by creating communities of talent that our clients and candidates can interact with. Our recruitment expertise lies in identifying individuals that align both culturally and technically with the organisations that engage us.

At Talent Nation our primary objective as a recruitment agency is to recruit purpose driven roles for purpose driven people. We achieve this by engaging with leaders at all levels who can use their influence to achieve positive and effective social, environmental and economic outcomes for their organisations and the broader community.


Respect- we operate with empathy, and respect each other’s views and opinions
Community- we take a collaborative approach with everything that we do
Commitment- we do what we say we will

B Corporation.

Talent Nation is a certified B Corporation, making it the first recruitment company in Australia to achieve B Corp status. As a Certified B Corporation, Talent Nation voluntarily meets a higher standard of transparency, accountability, and performance, harnessing the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. You can find more information on Australian, and international B Corps here.