Contract Recruitment / Temporary Staffing

Contractor and temporary workers can be extremely beneficial to a workplace, particularly during periods of peak demand, annual leave, or to fill opportunities created by project work. Contractors remove the stress of a full recruitment process as well as the financial commitment of an ongoing salary, while bringing the benefits of high quality professionals that can enhance a team.

We have the network reach to access high quality professionals, across a number of disciplines in order to fill temporary and contract positions. We receive many requests from our clients, particularly over reporting season for some extra assistance. This can come in the form of parental leave coverage, fill-ins for staff on extended leave, or simply when extra support is required on a short-term basis.

Anchored to Talent Nations values of Respect, Community and Commitment, our offering includes ensuring all our Contractor and Temporary workers are vetted through our quality assurance process including having a right to work in Australia. We further enhance efficiencies via our highly scalable payroll solution, ensuring both you as our client and your contractors can focus on performing your roles and delivering your objectives.

The additional benefits of partnering with Talent Nation to supplement your contracting needs come down to the specific candidates we engage with. Focused on our mission of positive impact, you can be assured that we will be connecting for-purpose individuals to the unique needs of each position.

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