Our candidates and our clients together, form the Talent Nation community.

We want to nurture our candidates through their journey towards a new opportunity, within a new environment, that best suits them culturally and technically. Our candidates are shortlisted for roles based on their suitability for the role from a skills perspective as well as being a good cultural fit for them and the client.

Talent Nation staff meet with all our candidates, where possible face to face, so that we have a clear understanding of their previous achievements, their current situation and what is driving them towards their future goals.

As recruiters we feel we have a duty to present the best candidates to our clients and to represent them in the most fair and honest way. This enables us to connect the ‘right’ person to the ‘right’ company, in the role that allows them to achieve their professional goals as well as the meet the expectations of their new employer.

If we have shortlisted you for a role then it is highly likely you will succeed to interview stage. If you were unsuccessful in securing a role after interview stage then we will be clear on our feedback from the client and assist you in many ways to help you find the right role.

Some of the ways Talent Nation can assist you in securing your next role are:

  • Career advice and guidance in your area of expertise
  • In-depth knowledge of the Environment and Sustainability Industry
  • High level of understanding of our clients needs
  • Knowledge of current market trends and salary expectations in our niche markets
  • A long term relationship which fosters a continuing understanding of your needs and aspirations
  • Various candidate support information